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About Maritime Academy Ltd.

Company History
Maritime Academy Ltd. was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica on 21st October 2015. Though its registered address remains in Dominica, as an International Business Company (IBC) its operation has been based in Asia since 2016.

Maritime Academy provides practical knowledge with certification to those who dream of a flexible lifestyle able to absorb the shocks of today's growing economic uncertainty. All our courses aim at imparting skills that transform livelihood. We also practice what we teach, having formulated our course content from both established principles and personal experience of the world's changing economic climate.

Accreditation of Maritime Academy Ltd.
Maritime Academy Ltd. is not accredited by any government or accreditation body; as it is not mandatory in Dominica. Some may consider this a disadvantage. However, given the uniqueness of our course material and demanding certification requirements, our certificates have equipped past students to start and run businesses; attain work permits for business migration and fulfill port clearance formalities, in the case of travelling yachtsmen. We have chosen to let the quality of our education speak for itself: our students must prove that what they have learnt from us has made them competent enough to begin working (or sailing) while they study. Anything less means that we would have failed.
Mode of Instruction
Most Maritime Academy course modules are taught purely online by sharing course material through e-mail. Written discussions, essays and other types of assessment are also sent directly by e-mail, providing personal support during learning. Assessments vary depending on the module content. For instance, our Business Incorporation and Management modules contain short answer tests whereas Maritime and Corporate Laws modules require essay submissions. English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses require a one-on-one or small group teaching format which may be in-person or online. The sailing practicum requires onboard sail training at the nearest training facility to the student. We employ the most efficient means available to create a fruitful learning environment; all set out clearly during the enrollment process.

Academic Courses
Sergiy Yanchyshyn, LLD
Tirzah Yanchyshyn, DBA
Authorized HABER® Instructors